One Surprising Stuttering Treatment


Stuttering Treatment – I had a stutter for several decades. This stuttering therapy was proven to me with a speech therapist, and frankly I had been amazed by what they desired me to perform, I believe that you’ll be amazed too – but it helped!

A Surprising Stuttering Treatment

Following a month of therapy sessions with my therapist that he requested me to do something which I thought was utterly weird, and went against what I thought I understood about quitting my stutter.

Get this. . .he requested me to “Start Stuttering”

Truly, 1 day he said “I would like you to stutter as far as possible through this session” Instantly I started feeling awkward, also felt that the strain to stutter for the very first time in my entire life. I’d always tried my hardest to not, no he had been asking me to deliberately talk with a stutter.

An interesting thing occurred during this session. I stuttered significantly less when talking than I have! The more I attempted to stutter the longer I could not.

Why Does This Help

I asked him why this was helping me and he essentially said that it “tricks your mind”. I was trying so hard not to stutter, placing so much pressure on myself to talk clearly, and feeling so stressed when I did stutter it had been not possible for me to control. After the strain of trying to not stutter was relieved, and if requested to attempt to stutter, I simply could not (or did not as often).

Anxiety is a large reason why people stutter and also this “trick” took off a lot of my anxiety, and refocused my mind on something entirely unrelated to quitting my stutter.

Totally Weird But it Worked

I thought it was absolutely odd, but it helped, and I believe a primary reason I managed to split my stutter and stop it for good.