Why People in Australia Get Fake IDs


Getting hold of a fake ID in Australia has long been the ambition of eager high schoolers. Indeed, with both the legal age of drinking and the purchase of cigarettes being set to 18, it has often been the case that kids get hold of a counterfeit identification to get past strict sales assistants.
While some people choose to purchase imitation documents, a fake ID is also the term used for when someone uses identification which belongs to someone other than themselves. An example of this might be when a young person uses an older sibling’s documentation to buy alcohol. If there’s enough of a resemblance, there’s a good chance there’s a chance he/she may get away with it.
How Do You Get a Fake ID in Australia fake id
If you don’t have an older brother or sister to pinch identification from, obtaining a bogus ID will mean visiting (hitting up) a store on the internet. With a variety of different sellers on offer, it’s possible to purchase IDs which imitate the form of driving licenses or student identification.
Simply by sending, across a valid photograph and some necessary information, an ID can be obtained in just a matter of days. As both of these are accepted forms of identification in Australia, they can be used to purchase any age-restricted products the user may want to get hold of.
It should be stressed that all such sellers insist that their products are not to be presented as identification.
How Successful Are Fake IDs in Australia?
It’s incredibly difficult to know how successful mock identifications are in Australia, with many sellers insisting that their products have a 100% pass rate. Of course, there are review sections on most of the websites selling fake IDs, but it’s up to the purchaser to decide if such testimonials are accurate and honest.
What Happens If You Get Caught Using a Fake ID in Australia?
On the other side of the coin, the Australian authorities claim that false documents are becoming easier to spot and that buyers should think twice before trying to use them. The fines for being caught using a phony paper can go as high as $221 on the spot, or a possible court conviction which could see that figure rise to $738.05
Ultimately, it’s up to the user themselves to decide if the risk is worth taking!