My Grandfather’s Clock Was Too Big For Your Shelf


“My Grandfathers clock was too large for your shelf, so it stood 90 years on the ground” — The opening line of this old tune, “My Grandfathers Clock”.

This line has ever had a deeper significance for me personally, since I’ve been engaged in clock fix for the past 40 years. The substantial portion of the lineup is “90 decades”–many of these clocks that I get in my workshop are still in a really sorry state.

A number of them haven’t been serviced or repaired at all in a life, and boy does it show!

In reality, a lot of men and women bring into a clock and say, “This clock belonged to my Father, he had it 50 years, I’ve owned it for twenty five decades, and it’s never been touched!”

Now I usually ask how frequently they have their car serviced, and the answer is, “at least once each year”… A clock is a fragile mechanical device, this form of negligence leads to serious wear on the moving components, many of which must be substituted so as to find the clock functioning correctly again swiss cuckoo clock.

Obviously, this isn’t as easily done as a auto fix, there are no spare parts available “off the shelf” to get a clock that may be anywhere from 100 to 300 years of age! This is reflected at the fix cost, I will spend as long as 5 hours creating a brand new wheel or other area, and then the clock repair and support is in addition to this…

I’ve read on many sites you can wash your clock by dunking the entire thing in gas or Kerosene or anything, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS–you may wash all of the dirt and dust in the moving components, where it creates a grinding paste and your clock will probably grind also–to a halt quite soon after this “cleaning”. Again in the words of this old tune, “to not move again.”

What I suggest to anybody with the privilege of owning and care for those lovely old classic clocks is that: Have it cleaned cleaned and oiled each 5 years AT LEAST, each 2 years will be better.

This way you are able to pass the clock to another generation in great original condition and working order, rather than devoting somebody with a massive repair bill!

Additionally, it needs to be considered that in years to come there might not be anybody around with the essential skills to perform the repairs in any cost!

I had been walking past a clock store a couple of decades before, and two individuals were searching in the window ” one said, “that really is a clockmaker’s shop,” and another said, “Oh, I thought they were dead now!”

That real story is really not far off the mark, so get your precious old clock fixed while you still can!

Some of my work can be viewed on my site, if you want to know more about clocks require a couple of minutes to have a look at my site, I am certain you’ll find it intriguing in terms of what could nevertheless be produced by hand.

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