How To Evaluate Your Aircon Servicing Needs


Although it is easy to assess the demand for air-conditioning services, some homeowners in Singapore are really puzzled when their air conditioners stop working due to their inexperience or lack of knowledge. On the other hand, some owners tried to find out problems in the air-conditioning system and called for the aircon service before the system completely not working.

Most people in the summer will turn on the air conditioning to fight the high temperature, keeping the day and night cool and comfortable. However, in order to improve the performance of air conditioners in the hot months, they must perform routine maintenance on a regular basis. If the air conditioner is not operating as required, it may require the attention of an expert technician. So when you evaluate your air conditioner is not working properly, you should call an air-conditioning professional right away. For the Singapore aircon servicing charges , you can check online in google or other Singapore yellow pages.

Evaluating Your Air Conditioning Service Needs and called for the professional air conditioning service to maximize your aircon  efficiency during the hot months. To ensure that your air conditioner needs repair, you can evaluate it with six symbols. Some signs clearly indicate the need for repairs, while others warn the owner that you may need attention. If you recognize these warning signs, you can solve the problem by calling your professional aircon service as soon as possible before further problem. Possible signs are briefly discussed below for your reference.

Can not properly provide cool air:

Sometimes you may find that your air conditioner does not work properly. Even at full speed, it does not provide cool air. This sign will help to understand your air conditioner needs serious repairs. In fact, the lack of cool air means that your air conditioner compressor has stopped working or your system has low levels of refrigerant. In this case, you may plan to change your air conditioning unit.

Poor air circulation:

Air conditioning unit compressor failure may also result in poor air flow vents. There may be a variety of other reasons such as poor airflow in the AC vents,  problems with duct work, which may result in cold air leaks in other rooms or areas of the home instead of direct access to the vents. One of the reasons for the poor circulation of air is the blockage of air-conditioning vents due to debris accumulation. So in this case you can evaluate the direct requirements of qualified professionals for air conditioning repair. Pipeline cleaning or compressor repair or replacement not only increases air conditioning efficiency but also reduces the risk to your health and family.

Thermostat problems:

Sometimes your air conditioner does not work because of the thermostat, not the local air conditioning system. If your air conditioner cools various parts of your home differently then this is a clear sign that its thermostat has some problems.

Accidental leaks or moisture:

Air conditioners may experience problems if leaks or moisture are found from your air conditioners. The drain is clogged due to refrigerant leakage, causing the air conditioner to leak. If the aircon stops cooling because of refrigerant leakage, the problem will be serious. Leaking refrigerant not only stops cooling your room but also increases the health risks for your whole family. So you should call a professional service specialist to repair and replenish the refrigerant immediately. However, if your air conditioning drain is clogged with dirt and debris or broken for any reason, it can pool its condensate water around its compressor unit. Although this is not a serious problem, it should be resolved as soon as possible.

Strange noise appears:

Sometimes your air conditioner starts to create rasps, grated or screaming sounds. These sounds are clear warning signs that your air conditioner needs immediate repair. Air-conditioning units must have internal problems, if not resolved in time, may result in serious and expensive losses. Sometimes the unit’s belt slides, causing a sharp sound, and a worn sound can occur if the bearing of the motor is damaged. The lack of lubrication of moving parts can cause raster sound. So you can assess the cause of the sound before calling the air conditioning professional.

Strange smell happened:

Occasionally, the insulation of the air conditioner unit’s wiring is burned out, producing a stench or pungent odor from the vents. Similarly, if molds are present inside the tubing of your AC or its conditioning unit, it may cause musty odor if you do not clean it for an extended period of time. You should be accustomed to regular cleaning your air conditioner to manage these problems. In addition to the need to change, you can also use some DIY technology to reduce air conditioning maintenance needs and ¬†costs. If you need to replace, you can save money by calling professional services as soon as possible, while increasing air conditioning efficiency.


As a result, you can easily evaluate the air conditioning repair needs for your device with the tips provided in this article. However, most people avoid having frequent calls to specialist maintenance specialists to save money. If you have a new air conditioner, you can avoid calling the repair service because the manufacturer’s warranty covers the repair costs for a specific period of time. However, if your air conditioning in Singapore is too old, then you should not neglect its minor problems because they can be severe at any time.


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