New Laser Will Change Your Eye Color


Maybe you have ever wanted blue eyes? If that’s the case, you may soon be able to get them! A laser has been perfected to change brown eyes to blue eyes. Brown eyes have been heavily different versions of blue eyes. In approximately 30 minutes the brand newest low energy laser disrupts this layer of pigment, causing the body to start out an all natural and gradual tissue-removal process. Once the tissue is removed, the patient’s natural blue eye is revealed and the brownish eyes that you had are shifted to the gloomy eyes you’ve always dreamed of.

The process is effective at eliminating all brownish pigment from the iris. After the task, however, many patients are going to have socalled “limbal ring,” that will be really a ring of dark pigment around the outer perimeter of a light iris. This is quite attractive. It is uncertain whether or not the pigment cells will regenerate after treatment. Nothing in pre-clinical or clinical studies has implied otherwise.

This laser could be applied to treat a disease called “heterochromia,” where the color Irvine Optometry of a single eye differs from the coloring of their other eye or at which a single eye includes more than one color. The treating doctor will determine if this laser (and to what extent) it may be employed to take care of such ailments. Typically, nevertheless, the physician will likely decide to handle both eyes to make sure that the color fits as tightly as you can.

This action is not currently readily available to the public. Two generations of laser devices and a collection of human studies must be performed to confirm the safety and efficacy of the process. The alternative would be to treat approximately 120 patients in numerous countries and follow along for a predetermined amount of time Due to this relative cost and sophistication of discharging a cosmetic medical apparatus in the United States, the procedure is expected to be published out of the United States before being discharged from the United States. Projected release date at the United States is late 2015.

It will not turn your attention blue instantly. It requires a few weeks for your eye to heal and eventually become the lightblue you would like. The one big difference between a blue eye and a brown eye is a thin coating of pigment covering the iris. Even though, your eye won’t always turn blue, depending on the inherent colors on your eye, your attention could prove light blue, dark blue, pink, violet or even grey.

Would you change your eye shade forever? Colored contacts exist change up your look to get a hot date or a night in the town, but permanently altering your eye colour?

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