Hair Wigs – Fashionable Alternatives For Baldness and Hair Loss


Although nothing equals the pleasure of owning your own hair on the head, it so happens that sometimes you lose out on the fight to win back lost hair and might be on the path to baldness. Baldness could either be genetic or due to life style effects or even due to certain medical conditions or adverse reaction to certain treatments. Women undergoing chemotherapy usually lose hair due to effect of the treatment. Also there are a number of other reasons like hormonal imbalance and dietary deficiencies that could lead to hair fall and thinning of hair in women.

While some people might be compelled to go for hair fall treatment or hair weaving and similar treatments, there are also cheaper and equally efficient alternatives that would help to cover up the state of your scarce and thinning hair In certain orthodox communities, married women are required to cover the hair on their heads after marriage and would be punished if they refrained.

While some women cover their heads with scarves, hats, snoods, etc., which by itself is a stylish fashion option, the more fashion conscious women choose to wear wigs. Wigs have been in use since time immemorial. From the early Egyptians to Queen Victoria, wigs have been in use and have enjoyed royal patronage. Human hair wigs, till a few centuries ago were affordable only for the rich, and it was symbolic of a person’s wealth and status.

Today, with the variety of wigs available in the market, any prospective buyer needs to at least have an overview of what to expect and what not to. Selecting a wig for your head is never an easy event and is not like buying a dress or a pair of shoes. So in order to know what you need to buy and from where, you have to know what all is available.

Wigs are made from natural human hair as well as using synthetic substances. Three types of hair – Asian, Indian, and European are generally made use of in making wigs. But as European hair is the least available, it is expensive to the point of being unaffordable for all. Asian and Indian hair is the most plentiful and so least expensive. Asian hair tends to be coarse and this coarseness is removed by certain processing before being converted into a wig. Indian hair wigs are the most preferred choice owing to its silky texture, length and its relatively inexpensive nature. Human hair wigs are usually the most preferred choice of all as it natural, and maintaining it is as easy as grooming the hair on your head.

Wigs have evolved into a viable prospect for even those who would like to have a different hair color and style though the wish not to color their hair or cut it as per the changing trends and fads. And some of the best wigs available in the market would look so natural on your head that unless you remove it nobody would even get to know whether it is a wig or a just natural hair. Moreover, wigs can be gelled, set, styled, touched up and some of them can even be re-dyed or premed. Adequate care and cleaning of wigs are necessary for long term use.

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